Artist Statement

My work reflects my life as both are in constant movement and disarray. Remaining stagnant creates repetition, pausing the fluid motion of life. As humans we are forced to live within the constraints of our environment and it is our creativity and passion within these constraints that shapes the structure in which we are defined. Each piece explores the collision of chaos within a stable structure.

The works I produce stem from little or no conceptual planning. Beginning with improvisation, a small idea grows into something concrete. I discover its meaning as the piece evolves and only fully recognize its energy upon completion. I am driven primarily by emotion; to give my work a concrete meaning or intention is not always possible. My inspiration comes from many sources and each pieces has its a different origin. 

I am intrigued to know what a piece means to the viewer, the memories and visions that the scene brings to one's mind. I challenge myself to create art unlike anything I've seen, yet I understand that all creations are a reflection of many sources. I have pushed my artistic boundaries through painting, photography, sculpture, and digital art, and am now combining all of these media in my current work.

Moving through and beyond the world of digital art, I express my work in physical form through lenticular imagery and resin encapsulations. The resin pieces combine traditional and non-traditional media.  They come in the form of intricate wall hangings and cubical encapsulations of scenes suspended in time. As each layer is cast into the mold, objects are put into place to be 'frozen in time' creating something unachievable with glass or traditional sculpture techniques. Variations in lighting and perspective unveil the multi layered detail of each piece. 

The lenticular pieces play with dimension in a different way. Each work produces the illusion of depth from a 2 dimensional surface. This technique requires the production of 15 to 30 images of the same object, each at taken at a slightly different angle. The collection of images is then compiled into a singular print and mounted onto a lenticular lens. ( In depth technical explanation)

No two pieces duplicate the same technical or stylistic approach. Each creation invites the challenge of facing new concepts and techniques allowing the creative process to constantly evolve.


Nikolas Kazoura is a multimedia artist from Los Angeles. He studied engineering and digital art at The University of California, Irvine and has worked both as an engineer and digital artist since graduating in 2008. Nik's creative expression takes the form of paintings, photographs, and sculptures. His most recent body of work combines these media forming intricate scenes frozen in time, pushing the boundaries of contemporary psychedelic art.



Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and Minor in Digital Art from the University of California, Irvine (2008)


January 2011 - ArtSlant 1st 2011 Showcase Winner in the mixed-media Category - 'Super Massive Black Hole'

January 2011 - Light Space and Time Gallery Special Recognition Award for "Seascapes" Art competition - 'Untold Stories page 4'

Group Exhibitions

Infini Couleur - Norbertellen Gallery, Downtown LA - (Feb-March 2011)

Centered on the Center - Huntington Beach Art Center (Jan 2011)

Centered on the Center - Huntington Beach Art Center (Jan 2009)

Centered on the Center - Huntington Beach Art Center (Jan 2007)

Commissioned Work

'Concul' - 6' x 4' clay paint interior mural - (2010)

'The Rose that Grew from Concrete' - 30" x 40" acrylic on canvas - (2008)

'TWCII' - Digital mural for album insert - full printed size 2' x 10' - (2008)